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On Call 24.7

I have a friend who formerly held a job with a large company that required her to carry a company phone and be on call virtually at all times. She technically had some days that she was “off duty,” but … Continue reading

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Sock Monkeys and Blogging

Okay…I found this and it made me chuckle (and think of my sister and my friend, Amber). I know that I could have just linked this to the article itself, but I also like to read the blog and wanted … Continue reading

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The Pain of Change

I spent the better part of the afternoon and early evening rearranging my office. Coming from a person that doesn’t love change–but loves order–it was a bit of a painful, yet refreshing experience. A couple of weeks ago, just several … Continue reading

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My new favorite blog

A couple of years ago, I started reading a blog that was probably one of the first that I ever read with any regularity. It was called WesleyBlog and was written by Shane Raynor. The blog went silent for some … Continue reading

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My new favorite song

Here’s a link to my new favorite song that I heard on a Relevant Podcast a couple of months ago. The video absolutely cracks me up! It’s on the Relevant TV broadcast and you have to click on the Pork … Continue reading

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