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Back-to-School Blogathon at

For the last several years, Guy Chmieleski, over at Faith on Campus has been organizing a Back-to-School blogathon.  He solicits a dozen campus ministers, writers, thinkers, and pastors to write articles that can get you thinking about ministry with young … Continue reading

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How Do You Follow Jesus Every Day?

We are doing a series in our Chapel service that is helping us think about “Hard Questions.”  Recently, I preached from Luke 14:25-35 addressing the hard question:  How do you follow Jesus EVERY DAY?  Not just on Wednesdays.  Not just … Continue reading

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Hiding Behind Busy

I remember hearing the adage when I was in college, “If Satan doesn’t make you bad, he’ll make you busy.” Well, I don’t know that I continue to have quite the same perspective of the demonic nature of busyness, but … Continue reading

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Gospel Partnerships: Youth Ministry and Campus Ministry

I recently returned from an area wide denominational high school leadership camp.  Besides the actual contact with students that I have, one of the things that I love the most is connecting with colleagues who are in youth ministry.  One … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished!

In the last several years, we have started making a “time capsule” of sorts in the “mascot” of our mission trips, Al Buho (a.k.a. our plastic owl decoy that is a coveted White Elephant gift at our Christmas parties). This … Continue reading

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Taking a Look Around

I tend to be one of those people who stays busy. If I’m truly honest, I really like it that way best, I suppose. I do recognize, however, that there are times in the year that I’m too busy. These … Continue reading

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Some Changes at SC

Well, it has often been said that change is inevitable, and we find that to be true at Southwestern College. After 14 wonderful years as the Campus Minister and Chair of the Philosophy and Religion department, Steve Rankin has felt … Continue reading

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On Call 24.7

I have a friend who formerly held a job with a large company that required her to carry a company phone and be on call virtually at all times. She technically had some days that she was “off duty,” but … Continue reading

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The Pain of Change

I spent the better part of the afternoon and early evening rearranging my office. Coming from a person that doesn’t love change–but loves order–it was a bit of a painful, yet refreshing experience. A couple of weeks ago, just several … Continue reading

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Would you join me in prayer?

His name was Ed. He was wearing an old Tommy Hilfiger jersey shirt over a plaid flannel shirt and a Budweiser Select ball cap. His face showed that at its last shave, he had worn a goatee. But his last … Continue reading

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